Step inside the world of an Airline Pilot
Fly an Advanced High Fidelity Airbus or Boeing FULL MOTION Flight Simulator

Take Control

Don’t just take a flight. Experience it! 60.000 pounds of thrust at your fingertips in an advanced 3-axis Full Motion simulator that is normally only accessible to airline pilots. Be skillfully guided by an experienced senior airline instructor who is equipped with the relevant knowledge and techniques to take you onto a memorable journey. A VIP Experience like no other. Limited slots at locations around Europe & USA. Got what it takes ?

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Executive Development Re-invented

Let your management team experience flying an Airbus Simulator. This experiential & engaging learning environment facilitates high impact team interventions. These workshops are lead by senior corporate coaches who are affiliated with some of the world’s top business schools along with senior airline instructors who have experience promoting resource management among airline crews. Start improving your organisational effectiveness.

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Cure your Fear of Flying in 4 hours

This amazing and bespoke experience can even cure your fear of flying in no time!. Tailor made one-to-one coaching, being at the controls yourself and knowing what’s going and removing all misconceptions during a routine flight is probably the most effective way of overcoming your anxieties. This is very engaging action learning that you will not find anywhere else. Time to take control and start enjoying the friendly skies.

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