A once in a lifetime opportunity
Make your dreams come true for a day

An extraordinary VIP experience

Take Control, Take Flight. We have limited slots at our worldwide locations to have an exclusive experience normally inaccessible to the general public. We are passionate about aviation and are excited to be able to share the awe and pleasure of using a full motion simulator with you. We only use the best locations that have the most realistic visuals, facilities normally only used by professional pilots from first class airlines around the world.

VIP experience

No flying skills required

The Real Deal: $20 Million Simulator

These level D simulators are fully certified by the Civil Aviation Authorities for airline training and have the actual flight instruments of a Boeing or Airbus. Take off or land at any major airport like Innsbruck, Paris, Rome, San Francisco at night or day, in snow or in the sun. Pick any Scenario you feel you can handle!


Unequivocally Awe-inspiring


You will be guided by a senior airline training Captain every step of the way. We will start you off with a 1-hour briefing where we will talk about the principles of flight, crew roles, general cockpit layout, handling the aicraft and any question you always wanted to ask. Before going into the simulator we will also give you a short safety briefing


Your Flight, your rules

Get ready for an adrenaline rush

Once you have been briefed an Enthralling & Exhilarating experience awaits you inside the full motion simulator. This part will last 4 hours and we will take you through a routine flight, look at some different weather, minor malfunctions (if you can handle this!) and have a go at a few landings. A simulation never seemed so real!



This experience is truly unique. No flying skills are required as we will use the autopilot most of the time. Don’t worry, you will use the Flight Control Unit (FCU) to guide the aircraft while having plenty of other things to think about. Towards the end of the session you will have a try at a few landings. Try 60,000 horsepower at your fingertips! Ready for take off?
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Take Control. Take Flight


60.000 pounds of thrust at your fingertips



Worldwide Locations


San Francisco


Have you got what it takes to be a pilot?


You won’t believe it’s a simulation!