” If you can get all the people in an organization rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market against any competition at any time  

(Patrick Lencioni, Table Group)

Engaging & Effective Workshops

Let your management team experience flying an Airbus Simulator. This experiential & engaging learning environment facilitates high impact team interventions. Lead by senior corporate coaches who are affiliated with some of the world’s top business schools such as INSEAD along with senior airline instructors who have experience promoting resource management among airline crews.

No Flying Skills Required

Building Cohesive & Successful Teams

The flight simulator takes your executive team out of their comfort zone, challenging their existing thinking in a dynamic real time environment and establishing mutual trust. This unique environment will quickly generate insights and support change to dramatically enhance individual and team performance, generating a significant and lasting impact on your organization.


your Team

Take Control

If your team’s performance in terms of communication, teamwork, decision making and trust is less then optimal, this extra-ordinary intervention is very powerful, re-energizing your team and for your managers to reach their full potential. Ready for take off ?


Designed for your exact needs

Innovative, Insightful

As an integral part of the workshop, we have your management team fly, experience and resolve bespoke scenarios in a state-of-the-art full motion flight simulator. Experiencing and enhancing workload management, leadership, decision making, trust and communication. A simulation never seemed so real!

Structured Workshop

Experienced Coaches


By combining the experience & expertise of top business coaches with that of senior airline instructors these management trainings are truly unique with an added fun factor. Although no flying skills are required, after some more serious work you will have a try at a few landings. Try 60,000 horsepower at your fingertips!

" This environment offers very realistic conditions for action learning, much quicker than under normal learning circumstances "




Benoit Janin, VP Amadeus IT

It was enriching working with your executive coaches during those two days and I am now working with my team to define precise actions to be taken from there.

Alex Schipper, CEO Oril

Great and very realistic role play and super way to increase team spirit and cooperation.

Fred Kuhlman, Managing Partner City Outdoor Advisors

Using a Flight Simulator for management training is an unexpected, but highly recommended, innovative method for improving various management skills.

Danny Vanderploeg, Manager SNS Bank

The complex environment of a cockpit adds an extra dimension to the attractive communication training you provide and highlights the importance of interaction between managers in unexpected situations. It also demonstrates a good combination of fun & high added value.


Clients & Partners