Who is this experience for?

We have a limited number of slots available for a select few clients who are seeking a new experience that is fun and also very educational, giving you a once in a lifetime look behind the scenes of an airliner and a flight crew. It will almost instantly cure any fear of flying you may have. Ask any question you always wanted to ask to our experienced coach and instructor. You can fly the Airbus or Boeing yourself or control it with the automatic pilot engaged, its your choice!

How realistic is a full flight simulator?

Very realistic. You can see other aircraft and the ground crews. The simulators we use are all fully approved by the civil aviation authorities for the highest level of pilot training. During taxi and take off you can even feel the bumps in the runway.

Can I choose the airport and weather?

Absolutely! Most major airports will be in the simulator database and we can change scenery to winter, summer day or night at a touch of a button.

Can you name some of your past clients?

We value and guarantee confidentiality and can therefore not disclose this information.

Will I get motion sick?

Most participants do not. The excitement and adrenaline rush of this very powerful experience will most likely prevent any motion sickness. We will also provide you with some special wristbands that further prevent any squeeziness. The motion can also be temporarily stopped if need be at any time, for a short break and some refreshments.

How unique is this experience?

We are committed to excellence and only use state of the art simulators and top instructors to make your experience second to none. No compromises.

Why are slots so limited?

During busy periods simulators are used up to 24/7 by the airlines. However, a limited number of slots remain but book early to secure a day time slot.

Can I bring a friend?

You can bring up to one friend (minimum age 18)

Do you organise corporate events?

We sparingly offer the simulator as part of unique executive development workshops for small groups of high level management teams to promote leadership, teamwork, decision making and communication. See here for more information.