Take Control

Fear of Flying: You are not Alone !

About one in six people experience fear of flying. A common reaction is to avoid flying altogether, missing out on wonderful holidays or seeing close family members. Some high profile celebrities even arrange their personal and professional lives such that they can avoid flying, including Jennifer Aniston, Colin Farrell, Ben Affleck and Kirsten Dunst. Abba band member Agnetha Fältskog’s aviophobia has allegedly even been a factor in a proposed band reunion.

A relaxed start

Take control, life’s too short

Whether you do fly but find it difficult to relax, you’re unable to even get on flight and therefore missing out on more exotic holidays, visiting loved ones overseas or unable to attend an international business meeting, our prestige one-to-one VIP fearless flyer session is perfect for you. Leave your anxiety behind and start enjoying taking to the skies.


VIP Sessions

The Briefing Room

Once you have taken the important step to become a relaxed flier, you can leave the rest to us. We start you off comfortably on the ground in a briefing room going through all the misconceptions that you may have about flying including understanding take offs and landings, turbulence, noises, pilot roles and any questions you may have.


to your exact needs

The Simulator

As an integral and unique part of the course we take you into a state-of-the-art flight simulator that looks and feels just like a real airplane. Step by step you will almost literally taken by your hand by a dedicated and experienced airline training Captain. We will go at a comfortable and slow pace through the cockpit layout, switches and controls while the aircraft is still on the ‘ground’.


Life changing

Motion ON: Grab life by the flight

Once you are comfortable we can switch the simulator motion on and run you through a routine flight with commentary and full explanations. We will look at some common scenario’s that you may have experienced before like turbulence, fog and holding patterns. If you are up to it you may even have a go at a few landings. We can ‘freeze’ the simulator or take a break anytime you like. Ready for take off ?

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FAQs More

Will this course really help me?

Yes, absolutely. The one-to-one interaction along with experiencing a routine flight in a simulator is very unique. It enables the experienced instructors to control pace and time, stopping where necessary to focus on any detail that you may feel is important to fully grasp. Many people often immediately overcome their fear of flying simply once they have fully understood the facts about flying.

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Turbulence really triggers my fear – can your course really help me overcome this?

Yes. You are not alone with this fear trigger. It is one of the most common. We will therefore explain to you exactly what turbulence is and why it is nothing other than completely normal for a plane to experience some movement while in flight. No different really to a car. Some roads are smooth – others are bumpy. So at the time of the turbulence, the plane is simply on the equivalent of a bumpy road. Your instructor will explain and demonstrate this in more detail once your are in the simulator and answer any questions you may have to help you understand this perfectly safe part of the flight.

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How long is the course?
This course is compressed in a total of 5 hours including 1 hour briefing and 4 hours in the simulator.

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Can I bring someone along to support me?
Absolutely. Bring up to one adult companion for support or to share the experience (and price) with.