Airbus Quiz

As part of this workshop you will be at the controls of a full motion Airbus A320 simulator working as a team. No flying experience or special skills are required and the emphasis will be on teamwork, decision making and communication. However, to maximise your time in the simulator you need to familiarise yourself with some of the basics. Please watch the custom 10 minute video and complete the quiz. Minimum pass score is 80% with unlimited retakes. PLEASE SUBMIT your score after passing.

Please submit your name & email to verify each participant has completed the quiz prior to the workshop

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How are the cockpit seats adjusted?

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To release the seat belt:

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To release the parking brake when ready to taxi:

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How do you start to taxi the aircraft?

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To steer the aircraft during taxi:

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To brake the aircraft:

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Which statement is TRUE:

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During the take off roll, the speeds are announced by:

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After pulling the side stick gently back to get airborne (once reaching your minimum of around 150 knots), you should gently release it to the neutral position

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The red button on the sidestick is to:

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In this example, the primary flight displays shows:

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The Primary Flight Display shows basic flight parameters. In this example it shows:

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The Navigation Display is like a moving map, showing surrounding airports, other aircraft and heading. In this example, the letters show:

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Other aircraft on the navigation display are represented by diamond symbols, showing if they are above, below or at the same level.

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The Flight Control Unit is the interface between the pilot and the aircraft, like a remote control. You will be asked to make changes to the aircraft speed, heading or altitude. In the image shown:

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To change the speed, heading and altitude targets twist the knobs left or right. The altitude knob also then requires a firm pull.

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The Flight Control Unit shows:

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The arrow shows the autopilot buttons, either 1 or 2 can be engaged.

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Fuel On Board is shown in KG on one of the upper displays, abbreviated 'FOB'

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Flaps are selected by the:

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To take off:

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During the take off roll:

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To communicate with Air Traffic Control push and hold the toggle switch on the side stick

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To communicate with the passengers:

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To speak to the company you should use the hand held microphone that hangs on a hook just below the sidestick

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